Our Board & Bylaws

San Antonio Aggie Moms’ Club

Executive Board 2019-2020- Please email Sanantoniomoms@aggienetwork.com to reach any of the board below.

President – Sarita Johnston

President Elect – Rosalynd Voss

Treasurer – Anne Griego

Secretary – Terry Mendez

Membership – Annette Zahirniak

Chaplain/CHEERS – Amie Charney

Ways & Means, Gala Chair – Camille Garcia

Ways & Means, Auction Chairs- Jennifer Tisdel and Bethany Tisdel

Program & Speakers – Eva Guzman and Yelena Christoforakis.

Ring of Honor – Sandee Maddock Nancy Smarzik-Strowd

Social/Hospitality – Harriet Tomes and Vickie Gimblet

Aggie Store – LoGina Vinceslio, Mary Sanchez and Jeannette Snape

Corp Liaison – Pat Mendiola and Malia Thompson

Aggie Moms Camp Directors –  Irma Macias

Communication/FB & Email – Sarita Johnston

Galveston Liaison – Christine Willard

Website – Sarita Johnston

Parliamentarian – Katy Gawlik

Student Support / Goodie Bags – Virginia McCleskey and Nancy Smarzik-Strowd

Special Events – Amanda Otten

Howdy Social – Lisa Bodden

Scholarship- Debbie Castro and Lisa Lozano