Monthly Drawing

$250 Student Drawing at General Meetings

The San Antonio Aggie Moms’ Club will be awarding one $250 stipend for students at the General Meetings during the school year. The recipient shall be for a person who has a currently enrolled Aggie student attending either College Station, or Galveston and this person must live in Bexar County (this person does not have to be present to win, or a member of Aggie Moms’ Club. Only one San Antonio Aggie Moms’ Club award is allowed per family per school year.

There are multiple ways to enter the drawing:
1) By email: Send an email to: no later than midnight of the Sunday prior to the General Meeting. Emails may be sent as early as the day after the previous General Meeting. The following information must be provided in the email:
Moms name:
Moms telephone number:
Current Aggie Student’s name:
Current Aggie Student’s TAMU class year:
Current Aggie Student’s High School attended:
Current Aggie Student’s mailing address:
If you have multiple current Aggie students, include the above information for each of your students in just one email.
NOTE: Only one email is allowed per Mom for each General Meeting. Your email will enter each of your listed currently enrolled Aggie students into the drawing for that month only. Emails with incomplete information will not be considered for drawing.
2) At a General meeting: When you attend a San Antonio Aggie Moms’ Club General meeting on the first Tuesday of the month, you will be entered in the drawing to win for your Aggie student for that month.
3) By becoming a member: When you join the San Antonio Aggie Moms’ Club you will be automatically entered into the award drawing for your Aggie student each month. If you have any questions, contact the Scholarship Chair, Debbie Castro at

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