August Meeting Recap/September Invite

12 Aug

Howdy moms!

First, it was wonderful having so many of you join us at the August 3, meeting! My heart was full; I really want this to be a great year for all of us and you are a big part of that!

Topics we covered at our meeting:

Organization Highlights –

o Board Member Introductions

o Scholarships – Endowment and Monthly Book Scholarships

o Goodie Bags – Fall and Spring Final Bags

o Volunteer Opportunities

o Upcoming Events

Corps Social – August 7 – 11am – 1pm – Cody Library

Federation meeting: more info at PLEASE COME!

SEC Social, put on by San Antonio A&M Club:

Goodie Bags-Delivery December 3; email sent out, go here for items for ideas to fill the bags:

Brandy Paulino, our Student Support chair, is your contact.

General Meeting Details – PLEASE RSVP

o Location – Antonian HS at 6425 West Avenue

o 5:45pm – 6:25pm – Arriving early allows everyone to sign-in, enter for drawings, shop at the boutique and visit with friends.

o 6:30pm – Meeting start time.

o Meals are served to paid members at each meeting. It is mission critical that everyone RSVP for the general meetings. At our August meeting we were short food because only 35 individuals RSVP’d! It’s easy, send an email to and let us know asap! If you can’t make it, that’s okay, it’s better to have too much than not enough!

Monthly Scholarship – Three (3) Opportunities to win!

1. Become a member – all members automatically get one entry

2. Attend the Monthly Meeting – everyone that comes to the meeting can enter to win

3. Email no later than midnight the Sunday before the general meeting – an email reminder is always sent! The email address is The required info you can cut and paste into each month’s message is

Mom’s name:

Mom’s cell number:

Parents mailing address:

Aggie’s name:

Aggie’s class year:

High school attended:

Aggie’s cell number:

Aggie’s email address:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The online scholarship entry is NOT YOUR RSVP to the general meeting, please do that separately to the email.

NEXT GENERAL MEETING – Tuesday, September 7th We hope to see you next month!

Please join us. Guest speakers will be Tanya Gillespie and some of the staff from Taylor’s Place. Taylor’s Place might just be a place your student will end up hanging out. A&M is so big, and Taylor’s Place is a home away from home!

Tanya and TJ’s story is amazing and heartbreaking, but they have taken their tragic experience and have made it their mission to give students respite, families hospitality, and have an unwavering dedication to Texas A&M. Tanya and TJ truly earned the title of 2020-2021 Parents of the Year for TAMU! For more info and giving opportunities, go to .

Thank you to those who currently give their time to serve and those who offered to step up and volunteer at future meetings/events, as this will only make us stronger as an organization! We were overwhelmed with the number of folks who already want to help out!

Let me know if you have questions or concerns!

God bless and Gig ‘em!